Thank you for your interest in the Total Insurance Plus Network.

We know there are many options available to you for accessing carrier markets and revenue sharing agreements, and we think you’ll like our approach. As detailed in this Information e-Brochure, the TIP Network is designed to be straightforward in what we offer, open in our communications with Network Members, and continually seeking ways to improve results within your Agency – through improved revenues, service efficiency, shared knowledge from other Network Members, and more. We judge our success not by our corporate profits, but by the profits and satisfaction of our Network Member Agencies, yours!! As “Agents Serving Agents,” we’ll work hard to earn your respect and trust, and we look forward to you becoming a part of the Total Insurance Plus Member Network, we think you’ll like the results!

  • Founded in 1998, TIP is an experienced Agency Enhancement Organization
  • TIP is a network of successful, forward thinking insurance professionals with over $100,000,000 in aggregated annual premium volumes
  • TIP’s PURPOSE —To serve Independent Agencies in their pursuit of financial stability, service excellence, and marketplace knowledge
  • TIP’s STRATEGY —To enhance results for Independent Agents by making services and tools available to help improve Agency revenues, operations efficiency, service delivery, and leadership
  • TIP’s VALUES —Integrity, value, service, trust, respect.

Current Owner Contact Information

Mark Breeden, Lexington, NC - 336-249-8616 - Visit Website

Mark Rice, Fayetteville, NC - 910-484-6171 - Visit Website

Don Stroud,  Wake Forest, NC - 919-556-3698 - Visit Website

Emily Hodges, Louisburg, NC - 919-496-5155 - Visit Website

Josh Chappell, Burlington, NC - 336-227-7458 - Visit Website

Scott Stanberry, Sylva, NC - 828-586-8926 - Visit Website

Rob Squatriglia, Huntersville, NC - 704-659-2141 - Visit Website