Most profit sharing agreements pay out annually, many based on calendar year results with payouts in March or April of the following year. As soon as TIP receives a profit sharing distribution, we promptly calculate and remit your payout without delay.

We believe that working solely within the TIP Network will enhance the value of your membership, yet if there are reasons you prefer to work in other networks it is not prohibitive. Some TIP Services are limited to “all-in Network Members,” such as business advisory services, shared best practices, and more.

The seven Owner Member Agencies serve as the Board of Directors. Through both regular and ad hoc communications, TIP Network Members have an active level of input into TIP’s strategies, programs, and services.

Not presently. However, TIP has already begun discussions with one or more leading industry vendors of such systems to make preferred, pre-negotiated discount rates available to TIP Network Members.

After your agency is accepted by one of the carriers with which TIP has a Profit Sharing Agreement, you are enrolled as a sub-code under that Agreement. When profit sharing distributions are received, you are then paid your share based on annual premium volumes and subject to a satisfactory loss ratio.

As an example, if TIP receives $50,000 in profit sharing from Carrier ABC, TIP withholds 10% of that amount as a Network Manager Fee and distributes the full remainder amount (in this example that being $45,000) to the Network Members. (NOTE: For selected carriers, currently Travelers and The Hartford, you will receive 100% of your calculated premium sharing amount with no Network Manager Fee withheld by TIP.). 

If the annual premium volume of your agency is 12% of the total TIP annual premium volumes with that carrier, then you receive a 12% allocation of the TIP net annual profit sharing with that carrier, or in this example 12% times $45,000 = $5,400. 

Profit sharing is available only for profitable books of business – currently a 75% one year AND three year average is our cap to be eligible for profit sharing.

YES, each Agency must be appointed with each TIP carrier company directly – we will assist in that appointment process as possible – all commission reports are delivered directly by the carrier to your Agency, and 100% of the commissions are paid directly to your Agency.

Network Membership Applications are now available and your Network Membership can begin in the month TIP approves your Application

If you have additional questions or comments, please contact any of the TIP Owner Members listed.